Integration of Female ImMigrants in Labour Market and Society. Policy
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Policy Briefs


The target of the Policy Briefs is to inform policy makers, academics and the general public on key results of the FeMiPol project.

Currently available:

4th Policy Brief, April 2008

Final Project Policy Brief

    download Final PB


3rd Policy Brief, March 2008

Labour markets for female migrants: an overview in selected EU countries

    download 3rd PB


2nd Policy Brief, March 2008

Spain: Migration Policy and Debates

Edited by Giovanna Campani, University of Florence

   download 2nd PB


1st Policy Brief, November 2006

New Migration and Integration Policies in European Countries and their Impact on Female Migrants

Edited by Maria Kontos, Institute of Social Research at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

   download 1st PB